Visit the Pormpuraaw Art Centre

The Pormpuraaw Art Centre is located next to the general store. You can pop in and watch local artists at work. There is also a historic display at the Centre, with a range of old photographs and local artifacts.

The centre is open only during week days.

The artists at the Prompuraaw Art Centre work in the whole range of mediums. Art includes paintings, large-scale murals, printmaking, weaving and wood carving. They also work extensively in digital formats to document a strong link to culture and language through films and documentaries. Pormpuraaw artists include Amanda Holroyd, Gilbert Jack, Elliot Koonutta and Cecilia Peter.

You can visit in person, or call the centre on (07) 4060 4085. You could also e-mail for further information on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The centre is managed by Peter Jakubowski.