Things To Do!

Edward River Crocodile Farm

Come up close to large crocodiles with only inches separating you from the crocodiles! To book a visit you need to ring the Crocodile Farm in advance on (07) 4060 4177 to find out what day and what time the next feeding is. If you don't get an answer, organise the visit through the Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council on (07) 4060 4600 at least one week prior to arriving in Pormpuraaw.

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Buy Freshly Caught Fish

The Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council offer a range of freshly caught fresh fish for sale. Fish boxes are available in both 5kg and 10kg sizes. All fish are deboned, filleted and individually wrapped. Availability generally includes Local Barramundi, Jewel Fish, Blue Salmon, King Salmon, Mixed fish or Mud Crabs. You will need to make prior arrangements at least a couple of days prior to visiting Pormpuraaw. Call Grace on (07) 4060 4613.

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Visit the Pormpuraaw Art Centre

The Pormpuraaw Art Centre is located next to the general store. You can pop in and watch local artists at work. There is also a historic display at the Centre, with a range of old photographs and local artifacts.

The centre is open only during week days.

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