Pormpuraaw-Locale-1Pormpuraaw is a community of over 600 people in Western Cape York about 680km from Cairns. Pormpuraaw was established in 1938 as an Anglican Church mission originally called Edward River. The Community Council assumed local government responsibilities in 1986 and renamed the community to the current Pormpuraaw which was taken from the local dreamtime story about a burnt hut, or "Pormpur" in traditional owners' Kuuk Thaayorre language. It is frequently misspelt as Pompuraaw but the correct spelling is actually Pormpuraaw.

This is a vibrant community with services including the health care centre, child care centre, women's shelter, home and community care service, library, cultural centre and an arts centre. The Pormpuraaw State School has an 'Adopt-a-Cop' program with a police officer regularly visiting the school. The justice centre is the venue for the magistrate courts and a local Justice of the Peace presides over council by-law offences. Pormpuraaw also has an innovative family-led program for intervention in alcohol and substance with a Community Rehabilitation Centre called Roworr. This centre is supported by Federal and State Government and the Pormpur Paanth Aboriginal Corporation.

Getting To Pormpuraaw

The community is serviced by regular Skytrans flights that land at the Pormpuraaw airport on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. The Skytrans flight takes about 1.5hrs to reach Pormpuraaw (Edward River) from Cairns and also stops at Kowanyama. Check in at Pormpuraaw is at the Skytrans Agency at the Business Center next to the water tower. Pormpuraaw is a long distance from anywhere, and during the the wet season the road can be cut for a number of months and the Skytrans service is the only access. The airport is considered an all-weather facility with 24hr, 7 day per week access for charter flights.

Pormpuraaw Guest House

For visitors to Pormpuraaw there are a number of facilities and services which may assist you during your visit. The Council operates the Pormpuraaw Guest House which has two single occupancy rooms and some shared accommodation. The facilities are self-contained with a kitchenette and laundry. Reservations are made through the Pormpuraaw Shire Council website.

Camping Areas

Pormpuraaw-Locale-2If you are coming to Pormpuraaw to see the region and do some camping, there are three public camping areas:

  • Chapman River – located approximately 2km south of town, this site has toilets and showers, town water supply, shady trees and a concrete boat ramp;
  • Mungkun River – located approximately 7km north of town, this site has toilets and showers, bore water, shady trees and a shell boat ramp
  • Coleman River – located approximately 40km south of town, this site has bush toilets, a pump at a waterhole situated 3 kms from the camp site and has limited shade

Bookings are essential and numbers are limited. Campsite bookings can be made by downloading a form on the Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Council web-site. Typically camping in Pormpuraaw is open each year from the 1st February to the 7th October and are related to when the road is dry enough to permit access.

Other Facilities

Other things you may need to know to make your stay in Pormpuraaw go smoothly:

  • There is a supermarket in town which stocks most groceries. The supermarket is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm and Saturday mornings from 8am to 11am. To contact the store phone (07) 4060 4152
  • Pormpuraaw-Locale-3Beach Road Kiosk serves your typical take-away foods. Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 12.30pm and again from 4pm to 7.30pm. You can also phone you orders in on (07) 40604 144
  • Anglican Diocese Coffee Shop is located behind the parish church. Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8am to 12.30pm and again from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. They stock essential items and also sell pies, cooked chicken, mini pizzas, drinks and ice creams
  • Pormpuraaw United Brothers Sports Club is the only place that you can have a beer in Pormpuraaw. Anywhere other than this is illegal. It is a good place to wind down from the day and get acquainted with the locals
  • Fuel purchases can be made from the Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council Office between 8am and 12pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This service is on a fuel card/voucher system. If you are unable to buy fuel from the Council depot, Pormpuraaw Car Hire is able to refuel your hire car from our stores at cost with an additional service fee. Please contact us to arrange.