Our Vehicle Hire Service


Our business was founded in 2006 in response to a number of requests from Pormpuraaw organisations. A car hire service was needed in the community to assist organisations manage the large number of professional fly-in and fly-out visitors. The community had noticed that it was taking a lot of time and effort to organise pick-ups from the airport for corporate visitors. It was felt that if a hire car option was available, it would make government and corporate visits more efficient and effective. And that is exactly what Pormpuraaw Car Hire has done.

We have structured our fleet to suit the full range of visitors to Pormpuraaw. Our service suits short-term visitors that will be travelling around town only. We also hire to longer-term visitors that will be venturing out into the surrounding region. Just to complete the holistic service, we are also able to consider long-term vehicle hire to contractors and such. All vehicle hire comes with a complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off service so that you can continue your work right up to the moment the plane comes.

As our business was initially built specifically to service professional, corporate and government clients, we have established strong confidentiality protocols. When you book a vehicle, all information about the booking is kept private. We know that some visits are sensitive and we make sure that information about who has booked a vehicle, when they are arriving and how long they are staying is all kept confidential. In this manner you can rest assured that hiring a vehicle from Pormpuraaw Car Hire will make you visit more effective.